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In the light of the lessons learnt from the Second World War, six European countries decided, in 1957, to embark on an integration project founded on the values ​​of human dignity, freedom and democracy and with the aim of promoting peace, fundamental rights and the welfare of its people.

This project, based on the Treaty of Rome, has evolved over the last decades. The project has expanded and has been deepened. Other countries have joined in, and all now work together intensively in a greater number of domains and policies.

Today, in the framework given by the Treaty of Lisbon since 2009, the European Union represents for each of its Member States an essential level of governance. This governance is reflected in the policies and decisions that are collectively adopted in diverse areas such as the environment, digital, social cohesion, agriculture, or foreign policy.

For over 35 years, Portugal has been a full and an active participant in this governance. The Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union is at the forefront of this action. Every day, in permanent dialogue with the other Member States and with all the European institutions, we work to achieve our mission: to defend Portugal's interests, ensure that Portugal is at the centre of European decisions, contribute to the common European policies and, in this context, to find answers to the needs and aspirations of our citizens. 


Pedro Lourtie
Permanent Representative of Portugal to the European Union 



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JHA 28 setembro

The Council received an update about ongoing legislative discussions to update EU asylum legislation and ministers exchanged views about the external dimension of migration. EU ministers and ministers from 14 Latin American countries discussed cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organised crime.

Secretary of State for Migrations, Isabel Rodrigues,represented Portugal for migrations topics.

Check the Secretary of State's press statement here.

Minister for Home Affairs, José Luís Carneiro, represented Portugal for internal security topics.

Check the Minister's press statement here.

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compet setembro 2023

Ministers responsible for the internal market and industry met in Brussels to adopt a Council position on the Euro 7 regulation on motor vehicles emissions and on the review of the EU legislation on design protection.

António Costa Silva, Minister for Economy, represented Portugal.

Check the main results here

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